Rock n' Roll Racing (Japan)

One of the earliest examples of racing combat games, Rock n’ Roll Racing took the gameplay mechanics of R.C. Pro-Am and added weapons, a killer classic rock soundtrack, and more weapons! Four drivers fight for the top spot in their customizable racing machines including monster trucks, muscle cars, hovercrafts, etc. while Larry "Supermouth" Huffman offered ongoing digitized voice commentaries and bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Steppenwolf provided the stellar soundtrack. Rock n’ Roll Racing’s multiplayer mode accommodated up to four players, so the competition could certainly get nasty. And with a colorful array of selectable characters each with their own attributes, games such as Rock n’ Roll Racing would form the basis of inspiration for future titles like Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8. If you thought Mario Kart’s blue spiny shell was an annoying weapon, nothing compared to the unparalleled agony of getting hit by an opponent’s missile FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COURSE just before crossing the finish line!! Unless, obviously, you were the one who fired it.

GameWindows 7

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