Jim Power - The Lost Dimension in 3D (USA)

Jim Power is a beautiful to look at from a distance but never up close game. Never built for the casual gamer, it is necessary to note that this game is difficult and turn off worthy even using Game Genie codes. During gameplay, the zoetrope effect is both, mesmerizing as it is headache inducing. Anything you touch can cost you to lose a life and you find yourself at the continue screen before fully appreciating the entire extent of the games context. By the time you reach the second level, a direct rip from Contra III minus the epic level of events and plus the death trap factor of either getting killed at the slightest mistep or not being able to progress due to the lack of or wrong choice of keys. This is where I left my enthusiasm for the game behind. Visually, something else, realistically, just not something to play unless you are the truest and most hardcore gamer who has nothing left in your day to do, except master this painstakingly against all odds sort of game. Best of luck. Play it once, but if you get frustrated, put it down. I promise you. You will have wasted less time than I did.

GameWindows 7

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