Akumajou Dracula (Japan)

This is a 2D action scrolling platformer which is the fourth installment of the Castlevania series. Once again you are battling the forces of darkness being controlled by a Dracula to overtake the world. It is your job to mow down your enemies with an arsenal of weapons that include your main weapon a whip that upgrades to a chain whip. The sub weapons are Castlevania staples which include knives, holy water bombs, axes, and crucifixerangs. A downside to this episode is the crucifixerangs cannot be collected back when you catch them and the holy water bombs aren't as impressive as others in the series. As with a lot of the earlier titles, gaps to doom can be your enemy if you don't jump at the farthest edge. This is a classic loved by many, so don't let it pass your gaming library.

GameWindows 7

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