ActRaiser 2 - Chinmoku e no Seisen (Japan)

This version is intended for the Super Famicom. If you were hoping for a god/sim break in between the action platform, then this is not the sequel for you. For whatever reason the second and last installment of the Actraiser series completely removed the city building and monster nest removal on over world maps. This may be due to it being an unconfirmed prequel to the original. When you as the master descend to defeat the evil in two parts, the first is a lesser evil, and the second act is one of the seven deadly sins producing corruption and suffering on the land and its people. This is done in standard action platform from horizontal/vertical scrolling. Unlike its predecessor, the master will be relying more on magic use during the course of the two acts. This is done by holding down the magic button and depending on position, will determine the spell being performed. Though the player will have to be frugal as magic scroll use is limited, but unlike the original Actraiser being able to only choose one spell, you have a variety here. An upside is the character seems more like a god in this "prequel", having wings to be able to fly and float to destinations. However some might see this as a hindrance or a crippling factor since the enemy now has a larger target to hit, sometimes making it impossible to avoid damage.

GameWindows 7

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