Wily & Light no Rockboard - That's Paradise (Japan)

Wily and Right no Rockboard - That's Paradise is a Mega Man styled Monopoly-esque board spinoff game for the NES. It was made when the popularity of the Mega Man series as a whole was at it's peak. In the game, you choose from 5 teams - Team Light/Right, Team Wily, Team Cossack, Team Kalinka and Team Roll - and play against your "opponent", which is a computer AI. Reception for this game outside of Japan is low, though the game itself is not that bad. Considering how it is a Monopoly-esque game, many of the rulesets apply: You have to go around the "rockboard", buying squares with the currency in-game, called "Zenny". What makes this game different is that multiple players can own one space, so that the "rent" is split between the two or more players. Overall, not the best game, but not the worst.

GameWindows 7

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