Silk Worm (USA)

Silk Worm.Starts with "S", ends with "M", just like sadism. That's what the programmers were. Silk Worm is a horizontal shoot em up whose original creator was Tecmo, in the form of an arcade game. This is a port/remake. This game is more or less a traditional shmup. The main difference is that you can, instead of using your typical aircraft, pilot a jeep. But you really DON'T want to use the jeep anyway. Nobody who has ever played the game would want it. That aside, the game has nice music. However, the whole soundtrack has only four songs, counting the intro, ending and boss theme. So yes, through the eight levels it has, you'll listen to the same theme song over and over. At least the song is pretty nice. You should take into account that it's EXTREMELY difficult - cheap difficult. You know, as in "Hey let's put two thousand bullets in the screen at the same time, let's make enemies appear from anywhere and not warn the player, let's make THE HOMING MISSILES FIRE HOMING MISSILES and let's make most bullets fly without a pattern". It's THAT cheap. It's got a redeeming feature: It has two player co-op mode. If you're looking for a challenge, get it. If you like good shmups, try the Amiga version instead. Else, just avoid it.

GameWindows 7

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