Hyaku no Sekai no Monogatari - The Tales on a Watery Wilderness (Japan) [En by AlanMidas v20070425] (~100 World Story, The)

Rpg meet board game, it’s an interesting game where our character moves a couple of “squares” per turn and defeat monsters, find items, help people by doing quests, work towards the main quest and level up (or down in case it loses a battle or get other exp penalties), but like board games we are not alone, other players (or cpu controlled characters) do the same and have the same goals. A fun and interesting game for those that like RPG and board games, each turn in a battle is the same as one turn in the game, which means that if I am fighting a monster, after every turn the enemy characters will move and continue to play (or if the enemy is fighting with a monster, we will move and do all the stuff normally too), but there is a twist in the battles, we can help the enemy characters if they are fighting a monster by joining in the battle (the same goes for our enemies, they can join our battles), that way we can get exp if the monster is defeated, and if it is our turn we might even collect the rewards of a quest that required us to defeat that monster, while our enemies would just get the battle exp, another interesting thing is that we can try and escape battles, and if we do, the monsters will stay there and appear on the map. Features: 3 different main quests to choose from: ·         -Dragon Buster (Slay the dragon) ·         -Treasure (Find the treasure) ·        - Princess (Find the missing princess) Up to 4 players (ex: 4 human players, 3 human and 1 cpu, 2 human and 2 cpu, 1 human and 1 cpu etc.) Name input (up to four letters) Gender selection (male, female) 4 cpu personalities (Cunning, friendly, heroic and evil) Adjustable turn limit (in case you want a fast game or a longer one, max number of turns are 99) Everything is random (including the map), so no two games are the same. You can win the game by beating the main mission or by collecting the most points in the end (exp, gold, items) Plenty of side quests (you can get random side quests just by entering a city, town, castle, woods, mountains or swamps) or by visiting a pub in a city or town and they are randomly generated so we never run out. We can fight with our opponents for experience and the one that lose the fight will be teleported back to the castle and lose exp and gold, while the winner will get gold and exp. We can equip weapons, armor and shield, and we can equip for example a weapon and a shield (to get attack and defence bonus) or two weapons (for a larger attack bonus and less defence).

GameWindows 7

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