Adventures of Dr. Franken, The (USA) (Proto)

The Adventures of Dr. Fraken. It's a side-scroller with very depressing music. The plot of the game is that you, Dr. Franken, are trying to find your girlfriends body parts are scattered around the mansion. It;s fun to explore the mansion for a while, but after countless times of being in the same room, while looking for Bitsy's (The girlfriend) parts, it becomes very restless, and boring. As said for the music, it's so depressing and sad, but it suits it if you think about it. The gameplay is very basic, go around, shoot a couple things, go to the next room, repeat. And if your lucky you might find a body part. You also need to do these mini-quest to unlock floors. For example, go all the way to the question mark on the map, and it'll say "Unfortunately Franky cannot read" (So how is he a doctor) "Put it where it belongs". Once you put it in the shelf you get explore several more rooms. If there was more music, and overall action it would be a better game. Exploring the mansion however is fun for awhile though (in my opinion).

GameWindows 7

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