Megaman - The Wily Wars (Europe)

I know what you're thinking: "Megaman on the Genesis?! I'M IN!"Not so fast, there. While this is a collection of the first three Megaman games on the Genesis, you're much better off playing the originals on the NES. This game may have better visuals, byt you'll notice that the backgrounds look almost exactly like the 8-bit counterparts, and the sound quality has really suffered from the "upgrade". Music lacks its catchy beats and just sounds like something you'd hear in a budget dance club. Controlls are good and I guess it's pretty cool to see Megaman in 16 bits without playing Megaman VII *shudder*. But really, the execution could have been much better in my opinon. It's not a bad game, but a bad port of a good collection. 2/5 for better options.

GameWindows 7

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