Aerobiz Supersonic (USA)

Well, there aren't too many airline running simulation games out there. In fact, I think this is the only one (aside from the original Aerobiz, but we won't count it). Anyway, it brings forth all the challenges of running an airline, including buying the many different types of planes, bidding to get slots in major airports across the world, buying key attractions to promote your airline, advertisement, and even 3 other competitive airlines that are competing against you to try to put you out of business.This is a very solid game, a great concept, and it's very easy to play, as long as you can manage multiple airports, and keep track of your budget and planes and such. The details are just incredible, with the wars, oil embargoes, and multiple other things that can happen. This is a very well done, very complete, very fun simulation.

GameWindows 7

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