2020 Toshi Super Baseball (Japan)

2020 Toshi No Suupaa Beesubooru, or simply 2020 Toshi Super Baseball, is a baseball game that takes place in the year 2020. In the game, you play as either humans or robots. The game is based on baseball but with various modifications as the robots have abilities humans normally don't have. To balance this, humans carry special equipment to enhance their abilities. Characters can also be powered up throughout the game. Some changes have also been made to the field, such as glass walls surrounding most of the walls, making it very difficult to send the ball flying out of the field. The game was released in Japan for the Sega Mega Drive on the fourth of March 1994. The game had prior to that been released as an Arcade game, on the NeoGeo, NeoGeo CD, and Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was developed by Pallas and the the Japanese Sega Mega Drive version was published by Electronic Arts. The game utilizes a password system for keeping track of progress.

GameWindows 7

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